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treasure02Discover Line

Standard Features

treasure02Treasure Line

Standard Features

Signature Line

Our Signature Line was created for our clients who want to build a Custom Home that is unique to their lifestyle and/or if the property requires a custom design. Weather you choose one of our award-winning floor plans or chose to custom design your home, we have you covered.

BlueWater Homes


Blue Water Homes, located in Palm Coast, Florida, is the region’s premier home builder, servicing all of Flagler County, Flagler Beach and Palm Coast. Our focus is building you the home of your dreams.

Let’s talk. What does your perfect home look like, what features are you looking for? You can choose from one of our award winning pre-designed floor plans or design a signature custom home tailored to your lifestyle. Together we will work on making your vision a reality.

Understanding our customer is paramount to the success of our business. We put our clients first and never forget it. Here at Blue Water we take your questions seriously and will keep you in the loop during the entire building process. Ask us anything. From questions about how your home is built to helping you understand your new neighborhood, we are here for you.    

Ever diligent, our team works to ensure you a home that you will love and that will serve you and your family for decades to come. BlueWater Homes takes the craft of homebuilding seriously. We pride ourselves in excellence and attention to detail. We only work with the best in the business and have for over 18 years. You can be confident that choosing Blue Water is the best choice in home builders. 




Jay is an amazing builder, extremely meticulous and makes sure everything is perfect. If you are not happy with something he does everything he can to make it right. I highly recommend Blue Water Homes. If we ever need another home built it will be with Jay.


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